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Personal website, and sharing (esp. learning) resources

I’m more or less cross-posting from my Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) blog.

In particular, my personal website has a Dropbox link to some of my handouts, notes, etc. as well as other googled ones.* (The link will break if I accidentally move files around, so let me know if that’s the case. But I’ll try to at least keep it updated on my website.)

I’ll probably add some math notes once I figure out how to do \LaTeX to WordPress conversion.

*On this note, I wonder how difficult it would be to set up a centralized global repository of (say) learning resources, perhaps organized via labels/tags (similar to Gmail inbox labels/“folders”—actually I think “multiple label” capability in general would be quite helpful; EDIT: apparently Google Drive allows thisjust bad UI). Actually, this is perhaps sort of the idea behind the selected papers network (see homepage and Baez’s and Gowers’ blog posts). (I suppose Google already does this to some extent, but…)

This is only one way that better communication and collaboration could help everyone out a lot. For an example about how to improve learning via contests, see my comment under Evan Chen’s recent blog post. (The point is that contests are (ostensibly) heavily “problem-solving/creativity”-based, but I think it would be easy for authors to offer extremely helpful insights behind their problems (story, background/context, interconnections, etc.), which might then spur an overall healthier contest environment, etc.)